How I Survived the Corona Virus and Gained Insight into Our Future

How I Survived the Corona Virus and Gained Insight into Our Future

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Corona Virus—or at least, you have. The Corona Virus is a highly contagious virus that has infected millions of people across the globe. It’s a scary thing to think about, but it’s also a fascinating topic to research. This disease is what prompted me to start writing this blog: I wanted to understand how we can heal our planet and ourselves after having been exposed to such an insidious pathogen. So today I’m going to share my journey from becoming infected with this deadly virus all the way through recovery—and afterward!

How Fear is the Fuel that Propels this Virus

Fear is the fuel that propels this virus. Fear is the primary motivator for people to do bad things, and it’s also the primary motivator for people to do good things.

Fear drives our economy because it’s what gets us all up in the morning and keeps us working hard towards a goal, even when we know there are setbacks along the way—like when someone we love gets sick or dies from an accident.

How to Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid crowded places and public transportation, especially during the first 24 hours after becoming sick from COVID-19.
  • Keep away from sick people and avoid touching surfaces that are contaminated with saliva or body fluids (e.g., toilet seats).
  • If you have symptoms of the virus: Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables until they have been thoroughly cooked; do not share food with family members who are ill; drink plenty of water; sleep in a private room if possible; call your doctor right away if you feel weak or dizzy—these may be signs that you have developed more serious complications from this infection!

Why do we get sick?

Why do we get sick? Because our immune system is weak. If you have a weak immune system, you will be more susceptible to illness and infection. The same is true for the planet: if we do not take care of our bodies and environment, they will suffer as well—and so will we! In addition to these factors working together in tandem, there are also individual behavior choices that can contribute to making us more susceptible or less vulnerable.

The Power of the Mind to Heal

When you think about it, the mind is a powerful tool for healing. In the same way, our thoughts can affect our bodies, they also have an effect on others.

It’s easy to forget this when we’re in the midst of a crisis and dealing with all sorts of emotions—but if your goal is to heal yourself and lead a happier life, there are things you can do right now (and I’ve listed them below).

The Corona Virus is a catalyst for change on Earth

The Corona Virus is a catalyst for change on Earth. It’s an opportunity to take responsibility for our own actions and change the way we live. The virus has taught us that we can’t wait for someone else to do it, or rely on other people to make our world better. We have to take action ourselves if we want a better tomorrow—and if you’re thinking about becoming more environmentally aware, now is the time!

We have all the tools to heal ourselves and our planet, we just need to use them

There are many ways to heal and reconnect with our planet. One way is through the spiritual practice of meditation, which can help you gain clarity about what needs to change in your life so that you can make positive changes for yourself and others. Meditation also helps us understand how we’re connected with others on an energetic level, which allows us to use this energy wisely when interacting with other people.

Another way to heal ourselves is by taking care of our bodies physically by eating well, exercising regularly (but not obsessively), washing our hands often with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer wipes (the CDC recommends using hand sanitizer every time you enter a public restroom), wearing sunscreen every day–and keeping track of how many steps per day we take! These small gestures may seem insignificant but they are actually meaningful steps toward health because they keep our immune systems strong enough so that they don’t get sick as easily anymore.”


The Corona Virus is a catalyst for change on Earth, and when you look back over your life and see it as a singular story of transformation, then you can begin healing the damage done by this virus. By taking the time to reflect upon how these events have shaped who we are today and how they will shape our future, we can begin to make changes that empower us and put us in a better position to face whatever comes next.



Emma is a health enthusiast, skilled blogger, and website manager dedicated to promoting primary health and wellness through Vital Primary Health.

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