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Primary health care is essential to integrating care and prevention so that all members of the community can get the assistance they need. Thus, we at Vital Health Primary Care strive to meet those needs so that we can improve the quality of our clients’ everyday lives.

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Opioid and Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment (MAT)

Our outpatient program may be suitable for those who have not encountered any complications from their addiction, or those who have successfully completed inpatient treatment, but need additional support maintaining their abstinence.

The use of FDA-approved drugs in conjunction with counseling and behavioral treatments for the management of substance use disorders is known as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). In regard to substance use disorders, a combination of pharmacological and behavioral therapies can often help people maintain rehabilitation. MAT is a whole-person strategy to treating opiate and alcohol dependencies and can be provided in the comfort and privacy of the primary care office.

Naltrexone (for opioid and alcohol use disorders) and Buprenorphine (for opioid use disorder) are medications that reduce cravings and help patients regain control of their lives. While some people only use these medications for a short period of time, others use them as needed to avoid relapses or to manage discomfort.

Health and Wellness

Vital Health Primary Care provides patients aged 18 and above with thorough, patient-centered medical care.

You can expect our staff to bring transparency and compassion to the forefront. By practicing a whole-patient philosophy to medicine, we give attention to factors outside of just the symptoms. By delving into environmental and lifestyle aspects of a patient’s life, we can give optimal aid to those under our care.

We understand that our patients are busy at work and at home, so we have the comfort of adaptable appointment times to meet their needs.

Appointments During COVID-19

How We Keep You Safe: For in-person visits and procedures, we’ve introduced enhanced safety protocols. We’re always looking for ways to improve patient care and lower the danger of COVID-19 exposure.

New and returning patients can schedule tele-medicine appointments via virtual video. Request a callback at 215-663-9380. Please continue to contact your Vital health Primary Care staff for support.
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